"This Revolutionary Plugin WPNoRightclick 'Catches' Extra Money Whenever Someone Attempts to Steal Your Blog Content Or View Your Sourcecode!"
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"Fact: 500,000+ New People Are Searching For Various Search Terms Each Month For Information On How to Steal Website Content..."

How to Steal Website Content

How They Steal Your Content:

1. Right click and copy

2. Right click and view image. Then, copy the image URL or save as.

3. Highlight content and Copy (Ctrl +C).

But don't worry. 

WPNoRightClick Turnes These Thieves Into Buyers

"Here's The Wordpress Plugin WPNoRightClick That Will Help You Sleep At Night, Knowing That Your Blogs, And Client Blogs Have An Added Layer Of Security, And You're Actually Benefiting When Users Try To Steal!"

When visitors attempt to steal your content or view your website's sourcecode, a popup shows up!

The Great News Is: "It Will “Pop Up” Any Offer You Choose When Users Attempt To Right Click On Your Blog, Bringing You Another Automated Revenue Stream That Takes ONE Minute To Setup, And Can Pay You For YEARS To Come..." 

You can show links, salespages, affiliate links, squeeze pages, videos, or whatever else you can think of with these popups!

You can also create an UNLIMITED number of them, and they will all rotate for you automatically!

Pretty good, huh?


Let's See What WP No Right Click Can Do:

1. When someone tries to copy your images by right clicking and selecting copy OR right click and view image, an html popup shows up.

2. When someone is about to copy your contents by highlighting and clicking Copy (Ctrl + C), an html popup shows up.

3. When someone tries to steal your bandwidth by right clicking, and view image, and copying its URL into their browser or using on their sites, then an html popup shows up.   :-)

Try The WpNoRightClick Demo Here! Try the scenarios above - try them repeatedly to see the four example popups rotate!

See how to protect your website with WpNoRightClick in 90 seconds! it takes no longer to install the plugin.

Built In 'Powered By' Affiliate Program...

We've included an OPTIONAL ‘powered by’ link at the bottom of your popups! (toggles on/off in plugin settings)

WPNoRightClick Pugin Powered

Just enter your own affiliate link in the settings. When your visitors click the link and buy the WpNoRightClick plugin, you earn 50% instant commissions, sent instantly to your PayPal account.

Wow! Nothing to lose there right? This plugin might impress someone who sees it & they'll want to know where to get this kind of popup, they will click YOUR link...and you'll earn on every sale!

So How Much Is It Going To Cost To Get Your
Hands On This One Minute Wonder Plugin?

Only $47!

You're Backed By My 30 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee!


Best Price
Use On Unlimited Personal, AND Client Sites!
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